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2L Fractional Wedge Wrapped V-Belts

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2L Fractional Wedge Wrapped V-Belts Sizes

2L Fractional Wedge Wrapped V-Belts have outstanding durability, especially on very small pully diameters. Very little maintenance is required. They are made from a high grade poly-chloroprene rubber compound, containing a precisely determined fibre content. Long service lives are common with this type of belt. Providing maximum economy. Temperature resistant from -35C to +100C. Antistatic, uniform geometry, limited oil resistance, and tolerance stable.

Manufacturing Range: from 12 to 240
Top Width: 1/4"
Depth: 1/8"

Example 2L Fractional Wedge Wrapped V-belt Size: 2L200 has an outside length measuring 20 inches.

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Belt Number Size
2L100 1/4" X 10" OC
2L110 1/4" X 11" OC
2L120 1/4" X 12" OC
2L130 1/4" X 13" OC
2L140 1/4" X 14" OC
2L150 1/4" X 15" OC
2L160 1/4" X 16" OC
2L170 1/4" X 17" OC
2L180 1/4" X 18" OC
2L190 1/4" X 19" OC
2L200 1/4" X 20" OC
2L210 1/4" X 21" OC
2L230 1/4" X 23" OC
2L240 1/4" X 24" OC
2L250 1/4" X 25" OC
2L260 1/4" X 26" OC
2L270 1/4" X 27" OC
2L280 1/4" X 28" OC
2L290 1/4" X 29" OC
2L310 1/4" X 31" OC
2L330 1/4" X 33" OC
2L340 1/4" X 34" OC
2L350 1/4" X 35" OC
2L360 1/4" X 36" OC
2L380 1/4" X 38" OC
2L435 1/4" X 43.5" OC
2L460 1/4" X 46" OC
2L490 1/4" X 49" OC

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