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8V Section V-Belts

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8V Section V-Belts Sizes

8V Section V-Belts are made of an anti-static wear resistant cover fabric. Offering high performance, a long service life, uniform belt geometry. Its higher flexible nature is suitable for Flat/V-Belt transmission. Having limited oil resistance and economy temperature resistance from -35C to +70C.

Manufacturing Range: from 50 inches to 450 inches
Top Width: 1"
Depth: 7/8"

Example 8V Section V-belt Size: 8V1000 has an outside length measuring 100 inches.

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Belt Number Size
8V1000 1" X 100" OC
8V1060 1" X 106" OC
8V1120 1" X 112" OC
8V1180 1" X 118" OC
8V1250 1" X 125" OC
8V1320 1" X 132" OC
8V1400 1" X 140" OC
8V1500 1" X 150" OC
8V1600 1" X 160" OC
8V1700 1" X 170" OC
8V1800 1" X 180" OC
8V1900 1" X 190" OC
8V2000 1" X 200" OC
8V2120 1" X 212" OC
8V2240 1" X 224" OC
8V2250 1" X 225" OC
8V2360 1" X 236" OC
8V2500 1" X 250" OC
8V2600 1" X 260" OC
8V2650 1" X 265" OC
8V2800 1" X 280" OC
8V3000 1" X 300" OC
8V3150 1" X 315" OC
8V3350 1" X 335" OC
8V3550 1" X 355" OC
8V3750 1" X 375" OC
8V4000 1" X 400" OC
8V4250 1" X 425" OC
8V4500 1" X 450" OC
8V4750 1" X 475" OC
8V5000 1" X 500" OC
8V5600 1" X 560" OC
8V5900 1" X 590" OC

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