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AA Double Angle V-Belts

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AA Double Angle V-Belts Sizes

AA Double Angle V-Belts usually transmit power from both sides of the belt. These are specially designed to meet multiple bend and power drive requirements. Double Angle V-Belts are designed for maximum strength and minimum stretch. You will find double angle belts used on conveyor, crusher, lawn and garden, mixer, and agitator types of equipment.

Manufacturing Range: from 51 inches to 400 inches
Top Width: 1/2"
Depth: 13/32"

Example AA Double Angle V-Belts Size: AA86 has an outside length measuring 88 inches.

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Belt Number Size
AA51 1/2" X 53" EL
AA55 1/2" X 57" EL
AA60 1/2" X 62" EL
AA62 1/2" X 64" EL
AA64 1/2" X 66" EL
AA66 1/2" X 68" EL
AA68 1/2" X 70" EL
AA70 1/2" X 72" EL
AA71 1/2" X 73" EL
AA72 1/2" X 74" EL
AA73 1/2" X 75" EL
AA75 1/2" X 77" EL
AA76 1/2" X 78" EL
AA77 1/2" X 79" EL
AA78 1/2" X 80" EL
AA79 1/2" X 81" EL
AA80 1/2" X 82" EL
AA85 1/2" X 87" EL
AA86 1/2" X 88" EL
AA90 1/2" X 92" EL
AA91 1/2" X 93" EL
AA92 1/2" X 94" EL
AA96 1/2" X 98" EL
AA103 1/2" X 105" EL
AA105 1/2" X 107" EL
AA108 1/2" X 110" EL
AA112 1/2" X 114" EL
AA120 1/2" X 122" EL
AA128 1/2" X 130" EL
AA136 1/2" X 138" EL
AA148 1/2" X 150" EL
AA161 1/2" X 163" EL
AA163 1/2" X 165" EL
AA184 1/2" X 186" EL

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