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SPC Metric Wedge Wrapped V-Belts Sizes

SPC Metric Wedge Wrapped V-Belts have the ability to transmit up to 2 times the horsepower classic belts with the same top and bottom dimensions. These belts are perfect for foreign made machinery.

The SPC Metric belt has a top dimension of 22mm, A depth of 18mm, and a length range of 17500 mm- 12500 mm.

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Belt Number Size
SPC1750 22mm X 1750mm LP
SPC1800 22mm X 1800mm LP
SPC1900 22mm X 1900mm LP
SPC2000 22mm X 2000mm LP
SPC2120 22mm X 2120mm LP
SPC2240 22mm X 2240mm LP
SPC2300 22mm X 2300mm LP
SPC2350 22mm X 2350mm LP
SPC2360 22mm X 2360mm LP
SPC2500 22mm X 2500mm LP
SPC2600 22mm X 2600mm LP
SPC2650 22mm X 2650mm LP
SPC2750 22mm X 2750mm LP
SPC2800 22mm X 2800mm LP
SPC3000 22mm X 3000mm LP
SPC3100 22mm X 3100mm LP
SPC3150 22mm X 3150mm LP
SPC3250 22mm X 3250mm LP
SPC3350 22mm X 3350mm LP
SPC3400 22mm X 3400mm LP
SPC3500 22mm X 3500mm LP
SPC3550 22mm X 3550mm LP
SPC3600 22mm X 3600mm LP
SPC3650 22mm X 3650mm LP
SPC3750 22mm X 3750mm LP
SPC3850 22mm X 3850mm LP
SPC3900 22mm X 3900mm LP
SPC3925 22mm X 3925mm LP
SPC3950 22mm X 3950mm LP
SPC4000 22mm X 4000mm LP
SPC4100 22mm X 4100mm LP
SPC4150 22mm X 4150mm LP
SPC4250 22mm X 4250mm LP
SPC4350 22mm X 4350mm LP
SPC4400 22mm X 4400mm LP
SPC4500 22mm X 4500mm LP
SPC4600 22mm X 4600mm LP
SPC4750 22mm X 4750mm LP
SPC4800 22mm X 4800mm LP
SPC4900 22mm X 4900mm LP
SPC5000 22mm X 5000mm LP
SPC5100 22mm X 5100mm LP
SPC5125 22mm X 5125mm LP
SPC5200 22mm X 5200mm LP
SPC5300 22mm X 5300mm LP
SPC5400 22mm X 5400mm LP
SPC5450 22mm X 5450mm LP
SPC5500 22mm X 5500mm LP
SPC5600 22mm X 5600mm LP
SPC5800 22mm X 5800mm LP
SPC6000 22mm X 6000mm LP
SPC6300 22mm X 6300mm LP
SPC6500 22mm X 6500mm LP
SPC6600 22mm X 6600mm LP
SPC6700 22mm X 6700mm LP
SPC7000 22mm X 7000mm LP
SPC7100 22mm X 7100mm LP
SPC7300 22mm X 7300mm LP
SPC7500 22mm X 7500mm LP
SPC8000 22mm X 8000mm LP
SPC8500 22mm X 8500mm LP
SPC8750 22mm X 8750mm LP
SPC8950 22mm X 8950mm LP
SPC9000 22mm X 9000mm LP
SPC9500 22mm X 9500mm LP
SPC10000 22mm X 10000mm LP
SPC10600 22mm X 10600mm LP
SPC11200 22mm X 11200mm LP
SPC12500 22mm X 12500mm LP

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