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SPZ Metric Wedge Wrapped V-Belts

Power Drive V-Belt Sizes

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SPZ Metric Wedge Wrapped V-Belts Sizes

SPZ Metric Wedge Wrapped V-Belts have the ability to transmit up to 2 times the horsepower classic belts with the same top and bottom dimensions. These belts are perfect for foreign made machinery.

The SPZ Metric belt has a top dimension of 10mm, A height of 8mm, and a length range of 360-3550mm.

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Belt Number Size
SPZ369 10mm X 369mm LP
SPZ487 10mm X 487mm LP
SPZ512 10mm X 512mm LP
SPZ562 10mm X 562mm LP
SPZ587 10mm X 587mm LP
SPZ600 10mm X 600mm LP
SPZ604 10mm X 604mm LP
SPZ612 10mm X 612mm LP
SPZ630 10mm X 630mm LP
SPZ637 10mm X 637mm LP
SPZ640 10mm X 640mm LP
SPZ650 10mm X 650mm LP
SPZ660 10mm X 660mm LP
SPZ662 10mm X 662mm LP
SPZ670 10mm X 670mm LP
SPZ672 10mm X 672mm LP
SPZ682 10mm X 682mm LP
SPZ687 10mm X 687mm LP
SPZ700 10mm X 700mm LP
SPZ710 10mm X 710mm LP
SPZ715 10mm X 715mm LP
SPZ722 10mm X 722mm LP
SPZ725 10mm X 725mm LP
SPZ730 10mm X 730mm LP
SPZ737 10mm X 737mm LP
SPZ750 10mm X 750mm LP
SPZ758 10mm X 758mm LP
SPZ762 10mm X 762mm LP
SPZ767 10mm X 767mm LP
SPZ772 10mm X 772mm LP
SPZ775 10mm X 775mm LP
SPZ787 10mm X 787mm LP
SPZ800 10mm X 800mm LP
SPZ812 10mm X 812mm LP
SPZ825 10mm X 825mm LP
SPZ837 10mm X 837mm LP
SPZ850 10mm X 850mm LP
SPZ862 10mm X 862mm LP
SPZ875 10mm X 875mm LP
SPZ887 10mm X 887mm LP
SPZ900 10mm X 900mm LP
SPZ912 10mm X 912mm LP
SPZ925 10mm X 925mm LP
SPZ937 10mm X 937mm LP
SPZ950 10mm X 950mm LP
SPZ962 10mm X 962mm LP
SPZ975 10mm X 975mm LP
SPZ987 10mm X 987mm LP
SPZ1000 10mm X 1000mm LP
SPZ1010 10mm X 1010mm LP
SPZ1012 10mm X 1012mm LP
SPZ1024 10mm X 1024mm LP
SPZ1037 10mm X 1037mm LP
SPZ1047 10mm X 1047mm LP
SPZ1050 10mm X 1050mm LP
SPZ1060 10mm X 1060mm LP
SPZ1075 10mm X 1075mm LP
SPZ1077 10mm X 1077mm LP
SPZ1080 10mm X 1080mm LP
SPZ1087 10mm X 1087mm LP
SPZ1112 10mm X 1112mm LP
SPZ1120 10mm X 1120mm LP
SPZ1137 10mm X 1137mm LP
SPZ1140 10mm X 1140mm LP
SPZ1150 10mm X 1150mm LP
SPZ1162 10mm X 1162mm LP
SPZ1175 10mm X 1175mm LP
SPZ1180 10mm X 1180mm LP
SPZ1187 10mm X 1187mm LP
SPZ1200 10mm X 1200mm LP
SPZ1202 10mm X 1202mm LP
SPZ1210 10mm X 1210mm LP
SPZ1212 10mm X 1212mm LP
SPZ1225 10mm X 1225mm LP
SPZ1227 10mm X 1227mm LP
SPZ1237 10mm X 1237mm LP
SPZ1250 10mm X 1250mm LP
SPZ1262 10mm X 1262mm LP
SPZ1270 10mm X 1270mm LP
SPZ1275 10mm X 1275mm LP
SPZ1280 10mm X 1280mm LP
SPZ1287 10mm X 1287mm LP
SPZ1300 10mm X 1300mm LP
SPZ1312 10mm X 1312mm LP
SPZ1320 10mm X 1320mm LP
SPZ1337 10mm X 1337mm LP
SPZ1340 10mm X 1340mm LP
SPZ1347 10mm X 1347mm LP
SPZ1350 10mm X 1350mm LP
SPZ1362 10mm X 1362mm LP
SPZ1375 10mm X 1375mm LP
SPZ1387 10mm X 1387mm LP
SPZ1400 10mm X 1400mm LP
SPZ1412 10mm X 1412mm LP
SPZ1420 10mm X 1420mm LP
SPZ1425 10mm X 1425mm LP
SPZ1430 10mm X 1430mm LP
SPZ1437 10mm X 1437mm LP
SPZ1450 10mm X 1450mm LP
SPZ1462 10mm X 1462mm LP
SPZ1470 10mm X 1470mm LP
SPZ1475 10mm X 1475mm LP
SPZ1487 10mm X 1487mm LP
SPZ1500 10mm X 1500mm LP
SPZ1512 10mm X 1512mm LP
SPZ1520 10mm X 1520mm LP
SPZ1527 10mm X 1527mm LP
SPZ1537 10mm X 1537mm LP
SPZ1550 10mm X 1550mm LP
SPZ1560 10mm X 1560mm LP
SPZ1562 10mm X 1562mm LP
SPZ1575 10mm X 1575mm LP
SPZ1587 10mm X 1587mm LP
SPZ1600 10mm X 1600mm LP
SPZ1612 10mm X 1612mm LP
SPZ1625 10mm X 1625mm LP
SPZ1637 10mm X 1637mm LP
SPZ1650 10mm X 1650mm LP
SPZ1662 10mm X 1662mm LP
SPZ1687 10mm X 1687mm LP
SPZ1700 10mm X 1700mm LP
SPZ1712 10mm X 1712mm LP
SPZ1725 10mm X 1725mm LP
SPZ1737 10mm X 1737mm LP
SPZ1750 10mm X 1750mm LP
SPZ1762 10mm X 1762mm LP
SPZ1775 10mm X 1775mm LP
SPZ1787 10mm X 1787mm LP
SPZ1800 10mm X 1800mm LP
SPZ1812 10mm X 1812mm LP
SPZ1837 10mm X 1837mm LP
SPZ1850 10mm X 1850mm LP
SPZ1862 10mm X 1862mm LP
SPZ1887 10mm X 1887mm LP
SPZ1900 10mm X 1900mm LP
SPZ1937 10mm X 1937mm LP
SPZ1950 10mm X 1950mm LP
SPZ1957 10mm X 1957mm LP
SPZ1962 10mm X 1962mm LP
SPZ1987 10mm X 1987mm LP
SPZ2000 10mm X 2000mm LP
SPZ2030 10mm X 2030mm LP
SPZ2037 10mm X 2037mm LP
SPZ2062 10mm X 2062mm LP
SPZ2075 10mm X 2075mm LP
SPZ2087 10mm X 2087mm LP
SPZ2120 10mm X 2120mm LP
SPZ2137 10mm X 2137mm LP
SPZ2160 10mm X 2160mm LP
SPZ2187 10mm X 2187mm LP
SPZ2240 10mm X 2240mm LP
SPZ2262 10mm X 2262mm LP
SPZ2280 10mm X 2280mm LP
SPZ2282 10mm X 2282mm LP
SPZ2287 10mm X 2287mm LP
SPZ2300 10mm X 2300mm LP
SPZ2360 10mm X 2360mm LP
SPZ2410 10mm X 2410mm LP
SPZ2437 10mm X 2437mm LP
SPZ2487 10mm X 2487mm LP
SPZ2500 10mm X 2500mm LP
SPZ2540 10mm X 2540mm LP
SPZ2650 10mm X 2650mm LP
SPZ2800 10mm X 2800mm LP
SPZ2840 10mm X 2840mm LP
SPZ3000 10mm X 3000mm LP
SPZ3150 10mm X 3150mm LP
SPZ3182 10mm X 3182mm LP
SPZ3350 10mm X 3350mm LP
SPZ3550 10mm X 3550mm LP

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